Streaming Software for your YouTube Live stream

The popular streaming tool is the go-to choice if you don't want to think twice and are simply looking for a powerful yet very beginner-friendly streaming software for your YouTube livestream. 2.1.1 OWN3D Pro

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Record YouTube Live Stream

Record YouTube Live Stream - How it works! As a busy creator, it can happen that you want to record and archive your YouTube live stream. Especially in order to analyze and evaluate your past stream, saving the streams can prove to be quite helpful and informative.

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How to chat on YouTube live stream!

1 YouTube Livestream Chat - What you need to know! YouTube's chat is an elementary part of every stream. While the comments of uploaded videos are there to offer the community the possibility to exchange ideas about the content, the YouTube Livestream Chat is the counterpart.

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How to embed YouTube live stream on website!

How to embed YouTube live stream on website! Embedding your YouTube livestream on a website allows you to promote and share your content outside of YouTube. The feature can be quite useful for well-connected creators or those who even run their own website or …

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How to stream on YouTube from Xbox One/S/X!

If your Xbox console is on the same network as your PC, the two devices can connect to each other and you can start a YouTube live stream with the free streaming tool OBS Studio. Another advantage of this variant is of course that the whole thing works wirelessly via WLAN and you do not need additional hardware such as cables or capture card.

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Premium Twitch Overlays & Twitch Designs for your stream! 🔥

These Overlays, also called Stream Overlays or Stream Templates, are usually graphics (.JPG, .PNG) or animations (.GIF, .WEBM) that are added via streaming software such as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), Streamlabs OBS or XSplit. Our graphics can be used with streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, Facebook, Huya or others.

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How to save Twitch Streams / Videos

With Twitch’s VOD feature, fans of your stream can watch recordings of past live streams when you’re offline. Unfortunately, these records expire after some time and are deleted automatically. So maybe it’s not a bad idea to download them and either keep them on your own computer or upload them to another video service like Youtube. In this article, we will take a …

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Best Animated Stinger Transitions Scenes for Twitch

The procedure to insert a stinger transition into your stream depends a little bit on the streaming software you use, because the tools are all built a little bit different. Usually you will find a button or a menu item called “Stinger Transitions”, “Transitions” or “Scene Transitions” in every software.

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🎞️ Trailer Maker & 🌟 Intro Maker for Twitch & Youtube

Reason enough to also announce your streams with drums and trumpets. With the Twitch Trailer Maker you can create your own trailer very quickly and show in 60 seconds what makes you a streamer. Your individual trailer can have cut-outs of your best streams, be provided with slogans and put your twitch channel in the perfect light.

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How to stream on PS5 ⇒ The ultimate guide!

The PlayStation 5 allows streaming to Twitch & YouTube directly from the console. The combination of capture card and PC proves to be the most professional solution to perfect your stream. Streaming 4K content requires special hardware and is currently only possible on YouTube. OBS Studio is a powerful tool used by most streamers.

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Top 40 Twitch Overlays for Streamers in 2022

27. Hero Twitch Stream Overlay Series - Hearthstone Overlay. This Hearthstone stream overlay is designed in a grunge look with a stony background. The overlay design is split into the 4 corner areas of the stream, so important in-game parts are not hidden and you still get a lot of important information in it.

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Avatar maker for your social, Twitch, YouTube profile 🤩

It gives your channels on Twitch, YouTube and Co. even more personality. With Avatar Maker, you can create your own individual image for the streaming world from numerous templates. Use different elements to stand out from the dimensions of the profile pictures and then upload the result to your channel immediately.

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OWN3D Pro is an all-round solution for Streamers and offers the opportunity for OBS users to enter a colourful world of high end Overlays and Alerts. Alongside free Designs and alerts, for a small fee you gain access to well over 200 products. This allows you to personalize your stream more than ever before and surprise your community with

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Xbox Series X / Series S Streaming Advisor

4K streaming is the future. Although it is currently only supported by YouTube, Twitch will certainly follow suit. Not every capture card supports 4K streaming. Most cards are still designed for Full-HD. Possibilities for streaming with the Xbox Series X / Series S. It is now very easy to turn on the Xbox and start a stream.

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How to stream on Trovo

After Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, Trovo Streaming is the fourth largest streaming platform in the world, and despite the fact that the aforementioned services continue to dominate, the Trovo streaming platform is now recording quite respectable user numbers more than a year after its launch. This is reason enough for us to introduce the

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How To Stream On Twitch

A Twitch overlay is a graphic design that frames (or overlays) your footage during a stream. Examples include webcam frames, your streaming schedule, bar overlays with text, stream alerts, screens and transitions. Panel Panels are boxes or graphics tat appear below your live stream in your viewing profile on Twitch.

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The new OWN3D.TV: Better Game Streaming

The new OWN3D.TV: Better Game Streaming On OWN3D.TV you find a new platform for game streaming. We are not a streaming service like Twitch.TV, but we see ourselves as a point of contact for gamers who want to start with live video streaming, or streamers who want to make their channel more professional and popular on Twitch, Youtube or other websites.

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YouTube Streaming Settings

At first glance, starting a live stream on YouTube doesn't seem like witchcraft, but if you take a closer look at the subject matter, you'll quickly realize that there's often a bit more to it than meets the eye. Especially when it comes to the right YouTube stream settings, it can get quite complicated - these are very individual and should always be adapted to the speed of the …

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Twitch Channel Points & Rewards for Twitch streamers 🔥

Twitch Channel Points & Rewards. Twitch Channel Points Rewards is a customizable points program that allows Twitch streamers (partners and affiliates) to reward their viewers with perks. In order to earn points, viewers must complete various tasks. For example, watch for a certain amount of time, participate in a raid and much more.

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How to stream on Facebook from PS4 / PS5!

1 Streaming on Facebook with the PS4 or PS5 - The initial situation. First things first: Sony's consoles allow streaming directly from the console - but only on Twitch & YouTube. If you want to stream to Facebook with your PS4, you …

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Free Twitch Panels for Streamers

Are you looking for free Twitch panels? Then we got something for your eyes and ears! We love streaming, just like you! That’s why we have set us the goal to make streams all over the world more beautiful, professional and cooler. Meanwhile more than 1.000.000 streamers worldwide use designs and products by OWN3D. We help streamers to improve their …

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How to stream on Discord with OBS Studio

Unlike streaming with Discord without OBS, to stream in Discord using OBS as a source, we need the OBS Studio plugin: OBS Virtualcam. 4.1 Install and set up OBS Studio. Open https://obsproject.com in your browser and choose the client according to your operating system. This time we will use Windows, but you will see the download as soon as you

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How to start Facebook live and streaming on facebook!

Besides Twitch & YouTube, Facebook Livestreams are very popular among the streaming community. To start a stream on Facebook Live, you only need a few steps, which can be done with little effort and technical understanding. So, in this article, we would like to show you how you too can start your Facebook Live Stream. Have fun!

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😍 Emote Maker for Twitch, YouTube, Discord & co 🤩 🤮 🤓 🤪

Discover the world's first Emote Maker! In no time you can create, download and embed your own emotes in your Twitch or Youtube stream! 🤓

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Facebook Streaming

Facebook Streaming is more on the rise in 2021 than ever before. Besides Twitch and YouTube Live, the gigantic social network is the third major streaming provider. In this article, we would like to explain to you what the so-called Facebook Stream Key is all about, how you can find it and what it actually is. In addition, we will show you at the end how you can use your …

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How to stream on Facebook with OBS Studio

After having learned how to live stream on Facebook using your PC and OBS, now it's your turn to learn how to stream on Facebook using your PC and your console (with the help of a capture card). This is the ultimate way to stream on Facebook from consoles, since Facebook has no native application for consoles.

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Best OBS Settings for Streaming

Streaming 720p 30FPS - Best quality with a low-end PC. Not everyone can afford a 2000€ PC, but that doesn't mean you can't stream your gameplay. With these settings you will be able to record videos on almost every laptop from the last 5 years, or a low-end PC. We are talking about a i3, 8GB RAM and a Nvidia GTX970 or equivalent.

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How to stream with Twitch Studio – English

Twitch Studio is the streaming platform's in-house broadcaster software. It allows you to broadcast your streams graphically enhanced by overlays and other design elements. Because Twitch Studio does not require any external software, it simplifies many steps and settings. In this way it simplifies streaming tremendously.

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Facebook Live Streaming Software

The live streaming software is considered the most important link between the computer and the streaming platform. It processes all signals and forwards them in the appropriate quality so that your viewers get the perfect streaming experience. In this guide, we would like to take a closer look at the topic, show you which streaming software is available for …

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Animated Twitch Emotes

Just in time for the tenth birthday of the streaming service, the feature finally celebrates its premiere for partners and later affiliates. To unleash the full potential of the new emotes, you should look for custom emotes created specifically for this purpose. 7 FAQ.

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How to stream on Facebook – English

Click on "Streaming" to open the options. 5.1 Stop live video if video stream stops. There can always be connection problems or interruptions while you are streaming. If this option is activated, your live stream will be stopped immediately as soon as problems with the connection occur and your video stops for a short time.

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How to stream with Streamlabs OBS – English

The tool has to be started during the stream. It creates the necessary files in an output folder (In the screenshot: red dot), which can then be for example added to OBS using a text source. The area marked in blue shows the latest events such as donations, follows or subscriptions. But the tool can do even more.

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Casino Streaming

Casino streaming requires the use of real money in gambling. Therefore, it is also very important to deal with the topic capital before the start. Even with online casinos high RTP (Return ton of Player, also "payout ratio" mentioned) with on the average 96% amounts to, remains a house advantage of 4%.

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80+ Starting, Pause and Offline Banners & Screens for

Streaming time is valuable, so you can use the Stream End Banner to end your broadcast and then directly view the matching Offline Banner in your stream. Of course we also have the matching Twitch Overlays! read more. Color Game Event Style Language Sort by Filter

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How to Stream with XSplit Broadcaster – English

4 Basic streaming configuration for XSplit Broadcaster . Next, we will teach you how to configure XSplit Broadcaster to start streaming as soon as possible, with no extras, simply open it, configure the essentials and start streaming. 4.1 Configure the resolution and add sources . First of all, you are going to create a new scene.

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What does Twitch cost

The streaming portal does not have its own donation button and lets the content creators fall back on external providers. First of all PayPal is the first place to go if you want to create a donation link as a streamer. To do so, activate a PayPal.Me link for your own PayPal account. You can publish this link in your chat or in your panels and

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How to stream with a PlayStation 5 – English

Streaming options with the PS5. With the PlayStation 5 you can stream live to the Internet in many different ways. The easiest way to do this is the integrated "Create" function.

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Gaming Logo Maker

Create unique logos for Twitch, Trovo, YouTube or your Clan. Welcome to the unique Game Logo Maker. Here you can create the perfect logo for you in no time at all. Choose the color, shape, font and many other details to suit your personal taste. With an individual logo you can increase your recognition value many times over.

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Twitch Watch Partys

Whether you are a viewer or a streaming host, you need to have a prime subscription on Amazon. Twitch Watch Parties only work because the streaming service is also part of Amazon. Below is a Watch Party similar to a regular stream that shows “Gameplay” or …

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How to stream with Stream Elements – English

2 Basic modules. The menu is located on the left side of the StreamElements page. It is divided into three large blocks: The basic modules (top), loyalty settings (viewing points, stream store and more) and several settings pages for the bot. We will go through these blocks one by one, starting with the basic modules.

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Best OBS Studio Plugins & OBS Add-ons

1 Introduction. OBS Studio is the best software to stream out there, and it’s the most popular because of its versatility. Thanks to being open source, OBS is free and people can create and add new features to improve it in the form of plugins.

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How to stream on Nintendo Switch

Since the beginning of 2017, Nintendo has been delighting the masses with the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch brings everything a gamer needs to game or stream for hours. Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Link, Luigi and many more await you in new adventures. But with the Switch, games like FIFA, Assassins Creed or Fortnite can enter the Nintendo universe …

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How to use OWN3D Pro – English

As mentioned earlier, OWN3D Pro is an extension for OBS Studio. This allows you to theoretically use OWN3D Pro on virtually any streaming platform available to you that you can stream to with OBS Studio, such as Twitch, YouTube etc., as long as the platform in question supports the features you want.

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